R22 / R44 / R66 Repair and Overhaul

r22-r44-overhaul-maintenanceRotor Services is the most comprehensive Robinson Service Centre/Repair Station in Eastern Canada and the USA!

Our helicopter services encompass everything you will need from a Transport Canada-certified repair, including maintenance.


R22/R44 2200 hour Field Overhaul Specialists!


R22/R44 12-Year Inspection

Expanded Capabilities

12-Year Inspection Repair/Overhaul
R22/R44 Components

  • M/R Spindle Replacement & Overhaul (R22/R44)
  • M/R Spindle Bearing Replacement (R22/R44)
  • Swashplate Overhaul (R22/R44)
  • Clutch Assembly Overhaul ( R22/R44)
  • Fanshaft Assembly Overhaul ( R22/R44)
  • Main Rotor Hub Overhaul ( R22)
  • Main Rotor Gearbox Upper Mast Bearing Replacement (R22/R44)
  • Replacement of Upper Hydraulic Servo Seal (R44)
  • Replacement of Tail Rotor Blades & Static Balance (R22/R44)
  • Replacement of T/R Gearbox Seals (R22, A021-1 Gearbox)