2007 Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter – C-GWJA $265,000.00 USD

Well cared for 2007 Raven II.  Over 1050 hrs. and nearly 12 years remaining. Exterior paint and windows very nice shape.  Interior is average and original with Leather seats.

We completed a “Limited” 12 year inspection April 2021.The following items were Inspected/Overhauled or replaced new:

Main rotor gearbox                                                                12 year inspection + SB-95

Swashplate                                                                             12 year inspection

Fanshaft and Bearing                                                              New

Main Rotor Hub                                                                      12 year inspection

Clutch Assembly                                                                     Overhaul

Tail Rotor Gearbox                                                                  12 year inspection

TR Pitch Change                                                                      New

Clutch Actuator                                                                       12 year inspection

Fanwheel                                                                                12 year inspection

TR Driveshaft                                                                          12 year inspection

New Drive belts,  Alternator belt, various Elastic Chords, Engine Mounts and Muffler.

The following items (as recommended by Robinson) but optional for a privately operated R44 were not carried out. 12 year engine Overhaul, Landing gear and engine support frames were not NDT checked and re painted and various small airframe parts were not replaced.

Remaining major components installed on the aircraft are original to the aircraft with TSN: 1146.4 with exception to following:

  • Main Rotor Blades C016-7, TSN: 621.2, DOM: Aug 14, 2012
  • TR Hub & Blade G062-1/C029-3, TSN: 20.3, DOM: March 12, 2019


  • S/N 11756
  • TTSN 1146.4
  • 12 year inspection (Limited) completed April 2021. Please ask for a copy of 12 year Work Report for details. 
  • All AD’s/SB’s (Bladder Fuel Tanks installed).
  • 9 Hole panel with AI, DG and Turn Coordinator.
  • Dart Bear Paws, Floor protectors, Winter Baffles and Cargo Mirror.
  • Kannad Integra 406 ELT.
  • King KT76C Transponder, King KY196A Comm.
  • Garmin 150XL GPS.
  • PS Engineering CD.
  • Serviced and maintained by Rotor Services Limited.
  • Pilot training on your purchase available with Great Lakes Heli..

Please contact bill_je@rotorservices.com or call 1-888-328-6459 or 519-575-1855 (cell direct) for additional information.